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Senarai kesalahan-kesalahan yang boleh dikenakan kompaun dibawah Building Control (Composition of Offences) Regulations, 2020

10 (3)Supervision




  • Compounded to Builder, Owner, QP & Developer
  • Appointment of Supervision only
  • Amount of project more than 1 million ( To check the figures)
11 (6)Tests of and in connection with building works$3,000
  • Compounded to QP only


12 (4) or 12 (5)Notify The Authority of That Substitute Appointment$4,500
  • Compounded to Developer only
13 (10)(b) or  13 (11)Duties of QP$4,500
  • Compounded to QP only
14 (7) or  14(9)Duties of Supervisor$4,500
  • Compounded to  Supervisor  only
15 (5) (6) (8) or (9)Duties of Builder$4,500
  • Compounded to  builder only
17 (2) or (3)Unlawful Undertaking Work As Accredited Checker Etc$5,000
  • Compounded to Accredited Checkers (Professional Engineers) only
24 (2)Building offences$2000 (Individual)
$4000 (Company)
  • Offence for No permit, No BA and  Form C,
31 (5)Duty of building owner etc. not to alter (BCR :  Fifth Schedule)$2,500
  • Compounded to Owner /Tenant only


40 (6) (9) (10) or (11)Periodic inspection of buildings$2,500
  • Compounded to Owner
43 (3)Prohibition against unlicensed builders$5,000
  • Compounded to Builders/Contractors
57 (3)Building to which public have access to be clean

$500 (shop Owner)

$1,000 ( Building Owner)

  • Compounded to Building Owner & Shop Owner
29Change of builder$500Compounded to Builder
30Compliance with design and construction requirements$1,000Compounded to QP (QP & Builders)
32 (1)Lifts$3,000Compounded to QP & Buiders
33 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) or (6)Protective hoardings ( Exempted for  1 nos. House)$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
34 (1) (2) (3) or (4)Site investigation$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
35Pre-construction survey$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
36Impact assessment report$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
37Measures to protect trenches and pits$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
38Formation of new slope or embankment$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
39 (1)  or  (2)Drainage of excavations$3,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
41Instrumentation and monitoring results.$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
42AReady Mixed Concrete$5,000Compounded to RMC Company
47 (3)Installation of air-conditioning unit by trained air-conditioning unit installer$2,500Compounded to Air-Conditioning Installer
48 (4)Duties of trained air-conditioning unit installer$2,500Compounded to Air-Conditioning Installer
49 (4)Installation of window by trained window installer$2,500Compounded to window installer.
50 (2)Duties of approved window contractor and trained window installer$2,500Compounded to window installer.
57 orSeparation of part of building under construction.$2,500Compounded QP & Builders
59Notice as to loads$2,000Compounded to Building owner
3 (3)Erection And Occupation Of Temporary Buildings$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
5 (3)Requirements In Respect Of Special Temporary Buildings$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
6 (6)Requirements in respect of temporary buildings$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
7 (3)Requirements in respect of workers' quarters$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
8 orProtective hoardings, scaffolding etc$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
11Demolition of temporary building$2,000Compounded to QP &  Builders
12Offences againt order (Advertising without approval)
  • $500 (owner)
  • $1,000 ( Adverstising Company)
  • $200 ( individual Promotion advert)



Compounded to Owner, Adverstising Company & individual Promotion advert.
 Offences against conditions of approval by the Authority (Alteration of advertising etc)500Advertising Company